How To Change Your Life

You wonder how to change your life. Let me ask you:

Do you do the same things everyday? Do you think the same thoughts? Do you live the same day every single day?

If you do, you’re living on autopilot and you don’t even know it. You listen to the narrator in your head and follow along. You get out of bed, follow the same lifeless routine that got you to this point, follow it without questioning it. The same thoughts, same actions, the same days, over and over and over again. Is that true living?

I used to do this. I still do. But I do it a lot less. When I become unglued from my habits, the more free I become to make choices.

Just noticing can create a shift. Take a break from your routine, for a change. Take a look at the contents of your own mind. What do you think day after day?

This is the opportunity to make changes. Noticing – this gives you options. Noticing your thoughts, your feelings, your habits, your belief systems, your actions and your routines. If you live your life on auto-pilot then you have no options. Like an insect that has fallen into a river, you get carried along by habit.

Create a new habit – get into the habit of stepping back from yourself and observing.

Wisdom is not thinking itself. It is noticing your thoughts and seeing if they’re true in your case or not.

The power of noticing is the ability to change yourself.

Wake up!

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